Our Team

Laura Phelan
Laura Phelan graduated from Mauro School of Beauty located in Los Angeles, California. She spent 10 years there perfecting her skills as a master stylist with hair and color. After her time on the West Coast, she returned to Massachusetts and spent time practicing in Boston before partnering with Claudia Frustaci and beginning her endeavors in the Milford area. She is certified in Redken and Weller color, Coppola Keratin, color correction, and hairtalk hair extensions.

Claudia Frustaci
Claudia Frustaci attended The Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics and Massage Therapy in Massachusetts and has been licensed for more than 20 years. Frustaci is also a certified Microblading Designer through Girlz Ink, a company and studio based in Las Vegas, and has ample experience with her hand in makeup and body waxing.

Shannon Grzyb
Shannon Grzyb is a color transformation and updo enthusiast! She has been a licensed hair stylist for over 25 years and was certified through the Blaine Hair School located in Massachusetts. Both her great grandfather and father were passionate hairdressers, and she fell right into the profession after spending hours upon hours at the salon as a toddler