Here at CiaoBella Beauty Bar, we offer a vast array of options to help you improve your face and skin.

Our experienced professionals will ensure that the process is smooth and comfortable, leaving you feeling beautiful and rejuvenated. 

Infuse your skin with nourishment and replenish moisture with this deeply hydrating facial. Designed to gently exfoliate while quenching a thirsty epidermis.


It's the best of both worlds-- a gentle facial that soothes away the look of redness and irritation while also fighting the signs of aging with potent antioxidants.


This powerful, potent Vitamin C treatment brightens the skin's appearance, evens out rough texture, and helps restore balance.


Deep clean pores with this blemish-busting facial designed to help fight the appearance of breakouts and control excess oil.


This enzymatic facial is loaded with anti-aging peptides and potent antioxidants to turn back the clock on fine lines and wrinkles and restore a younger-looking complexion.


Show your back a little "TLC". Because the skin on the back is not cleaned and cared for like the rest of the body, it tends to accumulate more impurities and oil--leading to many clogged pores, build-up of dead skin cells and breakouts. This treatment follows the same protocol as a standard facial but with a larger focus on exfoliation, deep cleaning the pores and softening the skin.


Buff away the dead cells and dry skin with microdermabrasion. Using a sterilized, diamond-tip wand, the skin is exfoliated and polished for a smooth, even complexion.


Revive the skin with this oxygen facial. Oxygen and vitamins are driven into the skin to improve appearance of blemishes, promote cell growth and collagen production at a faster rate. Perfect for all skin types, especially individuals with sensitive or mature skin.



Dermaplaning is a deep exfoliating treatment of the epidermis without using chemicals. Benefits include correction of skin texture and tone, increased cell turnover, fewer wrinkles and dark spots, reduction of acne scarring, and the removal of fine facial hair.



Peels remove the skin's outer layer of primarily dead cells and stimulate collagen and elastin to tighten and firm the healthy layer beneath. This treatment can effectively diminish the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, blemishes and more with little to no trauma to healthy cells. Our peels are gentle and effective; there is no true peeling, but a mild sloughing of the skin. This process--known as metabolic peeling--achieves dramatic results without the irritation and recovery time of a chemical peel.

Essential Peptide $80
Pomegranate [level 1] $100
Benefit [level 2] $100
Purity [level 3] $120
Blueberry Jessner [level 4] $120+
Timeless* [level 5] $145
Deep Sea* [level 6] $145
*service cannot be booked unless skin has been prepped; 10-30 days prior with a skin care professional.

[Eye or Lip] $25
[Eye + Lip] $45
LED Mask $45
Peel $50
Microdermabrasion $50
Oxygen $75
Dermaplaning $75

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