Lash Lift, Extensions, and Tinting

Over the last few years, the technology and the techniques behind eyelash extensions have grown massively.

If you want to ditch your mascara brush and enjoy long, dark lashes without standing in front of the mirror every morning, come down to CiaoBella Beauty Bar!

how it works

Lash extensions are hand-glued segments of synthetic mink or silk that are attached directly to your existing lashes. They don't come in a strip, and aren't glued to your eyelids, in other words. This means that they look real and can be customized to enhance your face and existing bone structure.

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lash extensions

full set natural$250
full set volume$335
fill natural (1-2 weeks)$65
fill natural (3-4 weeks)$80
fill volume (1-2 weeks)$80
fill volume (3-4 weeks)$95

corrective + removal

corrective [removal + re-application]$300

lift & tint

lash lift$85
lash tint$30
lift + tint$115

At Ciao Bella Beauty Bar, we are the experts in lash extensions. Our adhesives are precisely formulated to avoid irritation to your eyes, and we always make sure to follow high standards of hygiene and professionalism. We'll also make sure you know exactly how to care for your lash extensions so that they last and look great for as long as possible. Want to learn more? Schedule an appointment at our beauty salon today!

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